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This review is long time coming and well overdue.  First of all I think Clem Lyons walks across water; he’s the most caring attorney I know.  He cares about his clients and will fight for you 100%. He keeps you well informed on your case no matter how small or how big the case may be.  Clem Lyons will fight for you and for what is right for your case. I can never thank Clem Lyons and his legal staff for everything they did for me personally.

His entire staff is amazing, very professional, treats you like family they know you by your first name…you’re not just a number or just another case to them. I can’t say enough good and positive things about Melinda Doege; Clem Lyons’ Legal Assistant.  She’s so professional, Johnny on the spot.  When you call her bout anything about your case she’s on top of it and puts your mind at ease. You would think that you’re the only case Lyons and Lyons is handling because they make you feel like you’re their number one client.

After all these years no matter where I may see Melinda or Clem Lyons he still remembers me and greets me just like he did the first time I meet him.



I wish [Sean] Lyons had been my first call. My experience with [Sean] Lyons was very pleasant. With confidence, he took my case (which was a difficult case) after I had already been turned away by two other attorneys. He is very professional, but also very caring. He didn’t make me feel as if he was only my attorney but also a friend I could trust. He made sure to keep me up to date with what was going on, and was available to answer any questions or concerns I may have had. My case lasted for several years before a very comfortable agreement was met, but after all was said and done…I felt well protected with Lyons on my side.



When I was 23 years old serving in the United States Air Force stationed at Randolph AFB. My wife and I just had our second daughter when we were hit with tragedy. My wife suffered unknowingly at the time from a hereditary heart condition known as Long QT syndrome. My wife had what was called seizure like symptoms after having our second child. We were covered by Tricare and using the local military hospitals and local public hospitals to try and figure out what was going on.  My wife complained it was her heart to these hospitals but nobody took her serious and it left her brain damaged when she went to take a nap and never woke up one day. Long story short that day left me as a single father and my daughters without a mother. I then found out from a doctor what was the actual cause and felt upset that nobody took Rebecca or myself serious when it came to her diagnosis. After trying to figure out Rebecca’s care and my life I felt some doctors and hospitals did not do their job. I went looking for a a medical malpractice attorney reaching out to some people I knew and the phone book. I met Mr Clem Lyons about 6 months to a year after the incident and explained to him my case. He and his big Irish smile listened to my case and agreed to take the case. His staff and family made me feel like I was his family. He carried a voice in the court for Rebecca and my family and we won BIG. Clem is a family first attorney and he cared. If we won or lost he put his fist on the table and was going to fight with me. I never had to pay a cent until we won and he and his FAMILY earned every dollar. Rebecca is now taken care for life. I was able to raise our 2 daughters and go on with my life. Thanks to Lyons and Lyons.



Mr. [Sean] Lyons helped me in a case involving the death of my wife. He and this firm are the best and most honest firm anyone could ask for.


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