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Mass Tort Litigation

Proven San Antonio Attorneys Seek Advantages Through Mass Tort Litigation

South Texas lawyers represent individuals in consolidated actions

If you have been injured or a family member has died because of a defective medical device, a dangerous drug or any other defective product, you may think that there’s nothing you alone can do to hold a massive company, supported by a huge legal team, accountable. But at Lyons & Lyons, in San Antonio, we believe one person can make a difference. And as experienced mass tort and class action lawyers, we want you to know that you may not be the only one suffering: there may be others who have been harmed by the same defendant. We can advise you whether joining them in a legal action will work to your advantage and strengthen your claim.

Dedicated firm handles mass torts and multi-district litigation

The Texas lawyers of Lyons & Lyons have for decades successfully pursued individual products liability cases, including those involving defective pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This is our favored way of helping clients who have been injured by a defective drug or medical device.

But when a product has injured hundreds or more, there may be advantages to bringing all the cases together in consolidated litigation, such as in state or federal multi-district litigation (MDL), also known as mass tort litigation. These actions allow all plaintiffs and their lawyers to join forces and share litigation costs, offering an advantage against large companies with substantial resources to defend themselves.

Lyons & Lyons attorneys have recovered for clients in consolidated litigation dating back to the Dalkon Shield intrauterine device and Fen-Phen diet drug cases. Most recently we have obtained settlements for clients injured by DePuy and Stryker metal-on-metal hip implants.

Knowledgeable counselors help clients decide wisely on individual claims or mass torts

It is important to know that, even if a federal MDL has been established on the subject of your case, there may still be ways to pursue your case individually, separate and apart from the federally consolidated litigation.

At Lyons & Lyons, we explain your options based on your unique circumstances. An economically challenging case might be weakened if litigated alone if it’s weighed down by unrecoverable litigation costs. A strong stand-alone case might needlessly suffer in a system that delays resolution for years and compels the client to accept an unsatisfactory settlement.

At Lyons & Lyons, we have a track record of successfully pursuing individual and mass tort cases for those we represent by making the right decision for each client.

Contact our experienced Texas attorneys for advice on mass tort litigation

The lawyers of Lyons & Lyons in San Antonio can help you decide whether pursuing mass tort litigation is in your best interests. We know that each person’s situation is different, so the best way to evaluate your needs is by talking to our lawyers personally. Call 210-225-5251 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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