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Proven Texas Civil Rights Lawyers Fight for People Injured by Law Enforcement

San Antonio attorneys represent clients suffering catastrophic injuries due to excessive force or denial of medical care

As a law firm in South Texas, we are never far from the stories about events along the United States–Mexico border and how law enforcement sometimes treats people there. Based in San Antonio, where there is a large police force and prison system interacting with community members every day, we see arrestees and prisoners abused far too often. Lyons & Lyons attorneys believe in upholding the constitutional rights of everyone, including immigrants, people accused of crimes, and those serving prison sentences. When the authorities cause injury to members of these groups, we are ready to take action on their behalf.

Experienced litigators challenge mistreatment by ICE, DEA and state and local police

The lawyers at Lyons & Lyons have made local and national headlines for achieving settlements on behalf of clients who suffered death or catastrophic injury at the hands of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We also handle civil rights and related injury cases involving Texas police officers and sheriffs.

As attorneys committed to the equal treatment of all people in the United States, no matter where they are from or how they arrived in Texas, we view it as our responsibility to stand up against overzealous law enforcement when they cause injury to those in their custody. We have successfully represented clients in civil rights cases involving injuries related to:

  • Excessive force and inappropriate use of deadly force (shootings and beatings)
  • Misuse or excessive use of tasers
  • Sexual assault by officers
  • Emotional and psychological injury caused by law enforcement’s actions

We also represent clients in wrongful death cases if a family member’s injuries were fatal.

Determined advocates handle injury cases stemming from the denial of medical care

When police make an arrest, they have a constitutional obligation to make sure the person arrested receives proper medical care if needed. Prisoners are also entitled to prompt medical care while incarcerated. These protections are guaranteed by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

The failure to provide adequate medical care or the outright denial of medical care to people arrested or imprisoned can lead to catastrophic injury and even death in some instances. Our Texas attorneys are determined to uphold the civil rights of our clients when these violations are perpetrated by law enforcement. You can rely on us to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Contact our skilled Texas civil rights lawyers for excessive force claims

If you were injured at the hands of ICE, the DEA, or in prison, or if someone you love was killed through excessive force or neglect by law enforcement, the civil rights lawyers of Lyons & Lyons in San Antonio are prepared to help. Call 210-225-5251 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation.

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